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Welcome to Lake Atitlan Guatemala

Our Team

AOur experienced team looks forward to sharing their country and Guatemalan adventures with the goal of providing a genuine immersion to Guatemalan culture.

Lee & Elaine Beal are life-long adventure travelers always looking for the path less taken. In 2005, they settled on the shores of Lake Atitlan Guatemala and fell in love with the lake and its people.

They have years of experience as adventurers; rafting, hiking, biking, rock climbing, camping, and team building in the Rocky Mountains of the US.

Samuel Botan Sen is a Lake Atitlan Guatemala native of Santiago Atitlan and is our expert in all things local. Samuel can arrange for a home-stay if you would like to spend an evening with a local family.

Alex Vicente is a Guatemalan native of Quetzaltenango and is from the Mam Mayan tribe.  Alex is a our family specialist because of his special magic of working with children.  Alex will make every family vacation more enjoyable and will make the children remember Guatemala for his friendship.

Anita Cortez is a Guatemalan native of San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan Guatemala.  She speaks Spanish, Kachiquel, Tzutujul, and excellent English and provides administrative assistance.  She also is a great Spanish language teacher if you wish to brush up on your Spanish skills while visiting us.  Anita is from a family of weavers in the traditional style and technic.  If you are interested in having a woman guide, Los Elementos is one of the few places you can find a woman guide.

Los Elementos Adventure Center


Los Elementos Adventure Center provides the local logistical services for our tours.

Having staff in-country allows our customers the freedom to request services such as tours, transportation, guides, hotels, etc., on an a la carte basis; whether in-country or before you start your vacation.

Our team will serve you from beginning to end, providing expert pre-vacation planning advice and booking all travel services for you. Once in the country, our team will serve your every need, so you can relax and truly enjoy every minute of your carefree vacation in paradise.

bigkitesOur years of experience and broad knowledge of this country let us fulfill the desires of our guests by providing them with the widest range of active adventure tourism Guatemala has to offer.

Our objective is to satisfy each client by emphasizing professional service combined with those special touches of our national culture that have always been our hallmark.

Please contact us if you have any questions

The last undiscovered jewel of the Americas.


Words cannot describe this land of breathtaking natural beauty, Mayan heritage and colonial history.

Imagine an amazing Guatemala vacation, where you will experience volcanoes, caldera lakes, many different ecosystems, picturesque Spanish colonial villages, mystical Mayan archaeology, and a Mayan lifestyle that is still alive and proud.

Mentioned four times in the #1 Bestseller, 1,000 Places to See Before You Die.

COUNTRY INFORMATION: Guatemala is a small country with much contrast and tradition – the magic, color and adventure are not only seen but also felt deep inside. This is the land of the Mayan people – an advanced civilization whose legacy lives on within the noble warm hearts of their descendants. The Guatemalan people welcome guests with open arms, friendly smiles and generosity unmatched. Learn about this magical land of diversity and adventure, and come tour with us in the heart of the Maya World.

LAKE ATITLAN: The ultimate high for hopeless romantics and adventurers. Located in the western highlands, this mountainous region is known for its indigenous traditions, folklore and the resplendent Lake Atitlán. The fertile soils of these winding mountains, magical volcanoes and beautiful valleys, became the land of the Cack’chiquel, Quek’chi, Mam and Tzutujil, ethnic Mayan groups whose traditional indigenous culture continues to reign and develop.


Village Exploration Tours

Family and Adventure Tours

Family Tours

One of our favorite things is to see families get excited about the outdoors and all the adventure it can bring. dsc000012-1024x768

What better way to do that than to plan a family vacation with Kayak Guatemala.

Our goal is to help you fill out a vacation that will create lasting memories for each and every member of your family, while we take care of each and every detail for you. With our small group sizes, we’re able to run almost any of our tours as family trips.

If you’d like to arrange for a family tour, just let us know what type of trip you have in mind and when you want to go. We’ll take care of the rest! Feel free to give us a call at 831-402-6568 and we’ll help you with details for a trip that’s tailored to your family.

Woman’s kayak and yoga retreats

Woman’s only tours are a special part of the Kayak Guatemala vision. Combine afternoon yoga practice with a kayak tour. Plan an around-the-lake tour, or stay at our Retreat Center with shorter daily excursions.